Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jim Marshall

Legendary rock and roll photographer Jim Marshall died last week.

A few years ago I was shooting an annual report in NYC. The manager of the bank where I was setting up came over and told me she wanted to introduce me to a customer of her's that was also a photographer. "This is Jim Marshall", she said.

I was distracted with my shoot, but we started talking and I asked him what kind of work he did. "Oh, I shot musicians, mostly. I was based in San Francisco in the 60's."

"Oh my god! You're THE Jim Marshall?"

"Yeah, I guess I am."

We talked for about half an hour and then I needed to get back to work. We exchanged business cards and I thought, THAT was fun!

A month later a large envelope showed up in the mail. Inside was his first book with a signed inscription, "Forest, thanks for being a fan of my work, your friend Jim."

Wow. He will be missed.

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