Monday, April 26, 2010


Gilles is a chef in SCAD's cafeteria here in Lacoste. The food is often very good, not like most college cafeterias. Gilles and the other chefs try to find a balance between real local cuisine and food American students will find familiar and comforting far from home. They always have vegetarian entrees, but they seem a little perplexed by the vegans. "No butter? No cheese? Life would not be worth living. . ." I'm only guessing what they think. Gilles speaks almost no English and very few of the students speak any more than the most rudimentary French. What's amusing is that he doesn't let that stop him from going into long, usually one-sided conversations. He clearly has something he wants us to know and he seems convinced that if only he can say enough, we'll eventually understand. He may be right.


  1. It's almost like he is a teacher:)

  2. Gilles! I miss that guy so much! One of my favorite people from Lacoste. Thank you for photographing him. This made my day.