Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Review of Day & Night

Today I was sent a review of Day & Night posted online. The writer, Cecelia Smith from Houston, came across my Kickstarter page and pledged right away. A day or so later she wrote this reaction. I'm moved by her kind words. Her review follows:


Project: Day and Night

For almost the entire time I have been in the lifestyle, people have said how much they wish that there was a positive representation of "us" in the main stream media ...

I was following a friend's blog and discovered that there is actually a legitimate VANILLA endeavor, to produce a very well done photo-journalist perspective of people ... showing that "we" are very normal, every day, neighbors, contacts, doctors, nurses, teaches, etc... and that our expression of our sexuality is not "who we are" ... just ... a part of us.

 I have pledged to support this effort, and hope that they reach their ultimate goal. I believe this project is a very POSITIVE one for our "identity" because it is not trying to "explain" who we are. It is not trying to make people "comfortable" with what we do. It is simply a statement, an observation, of the fact that WE are part of society. It is not a case of Us and Them. Because we are Them.

Have a look ... if you can .. support the effort.
Click here:

Day and Night


p.s. Please consider posting this elsewhere to get people to at least look at it, and hopefully also support the effort.

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